We transform both your online and offline customers into your Brand Ambassadors, sharing your brand through their social channels.

We have optimisation tools for every marketing and advertising touch point along your customer journey and social virality is no different. You want all the performance data on your influencers and their audience, including brand affinity - providing deep analysis for influencers that you have and haven't already worked with.​

  • Ready content that you prepared - this can be video, pictures, text or voice.

  • Influencers can prepare special content for your brand while you can curate and approve/disapprove pre-posting.

  • Sharing on social channels such as; WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Telegram.

Surge. Social Brand Representation is a crucial part in any brand strategy and, combined with a well executed Surge. METHOD, is automation ready and highly scalable.

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